The Cosmic Plan

Emmanuel, The Son of GOD

In the Mental Universe, there is a great being called Emmanuel who represents God as Christ, and He is known as the Son of the essential Father of all (The Son of GOD). Beings who dwell in the Mental Universe must also seek to know the Absolute in terms of faith, and it is told that one of these beings (called Lucifer) rebelled against the preservation of the order inspired from an understanding of a Spiritual Universe whose existence couldn't be demonstrated.

Before proceeding with an explanation of Lucifer's position, it seems necessary to inform the reader that a great challenge arose in the evolutionary scheme of things. It was found that the evolution of planetary civilizations almost came to a halt after the Fifth Dimensional Level of the Physical Universe was reached. It seems that a highly structured educational process guided by entities from the Mental Universe curtailed a necessary "freshness" in the evolving souls of these civilizations. They had a very effective initial rate of progress, advancing rapidly from the Third Dimension to the Fourth and the Fifth, but few reached the Sixth and none the Seventh (considered the Christed level). Perhaps a lack of challenge or too much contentment was responsible for slowing down the rate of progress after a certain level of achievement was reached.

Following this situation, Lucifer proposed to alter the way the evolutionary system was being organized. He wanted to allow a greater amount of free will to begin with the beings in the Mental Universe, and then to extend this to the evolving civilizations of the Physical Universe. In other words, he believed elieved that faith alone could not determine how life should be structured, and thus challenged the existing order.

With regards to these proposals, Emmanuel objected. His position regarding greater free will in the Mental Universe was in support of continuing a restriction. For example, he knew that beings who possessed complete knowledge and held key roles in maintaining the order of manifestation had to remain faithful to their task, or otherwise, chaos would follow. Moreover, his position towards planetary civilizations, which had already undergone much of their evolution under the established norms, was that changes would be self-defeating at this stage because they were already too set in their ways. He thought that in order to try a new system, a new civilization had to be created.

At this time, Emmanuel conceived an archetype of humanity capable of more spontaneous development, with a greater capacity for love and expression. It would be humanity that would eventually establish a greater link among the three universes and would be able to reach the Seventh Dimensional Christic Level. This humanity would serve as an example for the Cosmos and help other civilizations go beyond their current level of advancement. Lucifer, who initiated a schism of cosmic proportions, disliked the idea because he felt that, perhaps one day, the new civilization would threaten or surpass the roles of those beings in the mental Universe.

Cosmic hierarchies finally decided to experiment by creating humanities in different galaxies that would follow Emmanuel's vision. hoping, in this way, that the experiment would be successful in some galaxy. Indeed, in this sector of the Milky Way, our planet was chosen among ten other "UR" planets which posses a blue aura and are capable of holding exuberant life. Our planet was chosen by the 24 Elders of the galaxy; and, as it was still cooling down, evolved beings from a star system in the Constellation of the Swan (Cygnus) established a colony in the Antarctic and helped to turn acid oceans into alkaline. Within Mission Rama these beings are referred to as the "Ancient Fathers". They studied our world and planted life spores. Once life began to evolve, this first humanity on our planet departed from what was considered an unstable world.

Millions of years later, other colonists arrived establishing another foreign humanity in what today is known as Northern Europe. Within Mission Rama, they are known as the "Hyperboreans", and their main settlement is remembered in myths as "Thule". The Hyperboreans were beings from the "Ra" civilization originating in the start system of Vega, as well as, beings from a start system in the Constellation of Orion, the Constellation of Pleyades, and "Apunians" from the nearby star, Alpha Centauri. While these colonists brought several species to Earth, millions of years of natural evolution also took place; and, at some point in time, hominids appeared.

The Elohims

After the hominids appeared, it was decided that the time was right to create a humanity indigenous to Earth. Seven genetic engineers known as Elohim established a laboratory in an area between what was the continent of Lemuria and the continent of Africa. First, they created a race of androgynous humans, but they were found to be too weak to resist the hostile living conditions on the planet (which are partly created by certain radiation from the Sun). The original separation of the sexes was then restored, and the hybrids were allowed to continue to become what we now call the "Lemurians", which are the ancestors of the original human race.


Extraterrestrial intervention on Earth became more complex than expected as Luciferean forces caused much disagreement. Other cross-breading or hybridization experiments were also performed, and other extraterrestrial civilizations became karmically entangled with us. A cosmic schism, led by Lucifer, took place and extraterrestrial battles are hinted in certain Vedic texts. Myths about sky gods intermingling with humans are also found in many cultures. For example, in Tassili, Africa, records of extraterrestrial presence appear to have been found in prehistoric cave dwellings.

Among stories of extraterrestrial involvement received, there is one that involves deportation. Thousands of years ago, a group of beings that had been involved in the destruction of a planet variously called Maldek, Mayona, or Tir (among other names) that existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, was physically deported to Earth to purge their heo purge their heavy karma. They were supposed to aid us in our evolution, but instead of helping us they began to use their abilities for their own purposes. As this turn of events took place, those stiff faithful to the goal set by Emmanuel sent a group of cosmic volunteers sent to restore the balance. It wasn't long before both groups lost their physical forms and remained as part of our evolutionary system confined in a subtler dimension. Those working for Christ Consciousness established their headquarters in Shamballah located in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Agartha, the "Internal Positive Government of Earth", became a guiding force towards enlightenment and Truth. On the other hand, the negatively oriented group of deported beings formed a "Dark Brotherhood", have tried to mislead humanity, and have tried to keep people ignorant about their true potentials.


About 25,000 years ago, the adverse effects of the deported beings from Maldek began to affect what was considered another promising hybridization experiment: Atlantis. Humans in Atlantis had maintained a close connection with some extraterrestrials civilizations and followed a different path from other less culturally advanced human populations on the planet. It seems that direct Atlantean influence on other parts of the world had been partially limited to allow others to evolve in their own ways. After a period of harmony in the Atlantean civilization, divisions arose, and the final downfall of Atlantis took place between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago. Many myths of flood and survival remind us of this event. One of these myths is found in the Epic of Gilgamesh in which the story of Utnapishtim is told (the biblical personification of Noah derived from this story).

After the destruction of Atlantis, efforts to save the great experiment on Earth were undertaken. These efforts were centered upon establishing cultural seeds to stimulate the formation of more complex and spiritually enlightened civilizations. They took place both in the Old and New Worlds. For example in Sumer, instructors arrived for a limited period of time to establish communities which were left under the direction of a "patesi" or especially trained spiritual/political leader. Continuous invasion from neighboring groups ruined the experiment. Another case is that of Egypt in which a spacecraft arrived bringing two instructors (later called Isis and Osiris) that brought knowledge which, unfortunately, became monopolized to serve the interest of a minority.

Jesus, The Son of Man

Once these efforts failed, a better plan of action was adopted. A special genetic The Son of God and the Son of Man taught as one, bringing the teachings by word and example, that we must die to our ego, surrender to our loving Creator, and resurrect our Christ Self. Master Jesus and Emmanuel also emphasized the need to love God above all else, and to love all men as oneself.

The extraterrestrial guides, who took part in these teachings and established contact through Mission Rama, have also taught that our greatest challenge and necessity lies in development a universal consciousness of service to the Creator and the Christ. They do not desire physical contact to become the reason for working with them. Their presence should, instead, stimulate greater interest in establishing contact with our Inner Being, or Higher Self. They say that, although they have made themselves known to us because we are in a process of transformation which requires guidance and support, it is only us that can accomplish the task of conquering ourselves. The guides or "older brothers", as they are also called, do not consider themselves better than us, and do not want us to follow them unquestioningly. They want us to learn from them as much as they are willing to learn from us.

Living in accordance with the "Profound Love of Cosmic Consciousness" is a recurring theme transmitted by the guides. They once left a message that represented their teaching and practical attitudes. It says that "There is only one moment to love, and that is our whole life".


During a tele-portation experience to Morlen with the aid of a Xendra, part of a moral code of life was revealed. This code for life in Morlen is called"Bredam" and a fragment reads as follows:

"One can only see clearly with the heart, 
One can only identify correctly with intuition, 
One can only understand well with respect for reasons, 
Once can only judge well with an understanding of motives, 
One can only dialogue adequately with tolerance to diverse opinions, but above all, 
One can only teach well through example."


Rama Mission by Edilver

Mission RAMA has been considered a mission whose task is to serve as a bridge to shorten the distance between the Third and Fourth Dimensions. One of the ways he has achieved this was to establish a conscious connection with representatives of the White Brotherhood, both in Egypt and in a sacred temple in the Amazon Rainforest. Some members of the Rama Mission became important elements in establishing a crucial link on Earth between the cosmic and the terrestrial hierarchies, and that were motivated by love and by a desire to help fulfill the Cosmic Plan.

In 1975 the Rama Mission was revealed to the world for the first time when Juan José Benitez, a Spanish reporter, was invited to participate in a scheduled meeting and experience. After having seen the UFO in the exact place and time, he returned to Spain and wrote a book entitled, "UFOs, SOS to humanity." This book was instrumental in the subsequent organization of several Mission Rama groups, not only in Spain but also in different parts of Latin America. In 1984 the guides offered a press conference where reporters from Peru's radio and television were invited to record a pre-cited sighting with a UFO. Unfortunately, one by one he excused himself and none appeared to the appointment. In 1989 several reporters from various countries were invited to Peru to capture on film the presence of an extra-terrestrial spacecraft. When the word was heard that such an event was going to take place, many more people than expected appeared, some of them behaved not only in a skeptical way, but also in an interrupted manner and waited all night for the sighting that He did not appear and disappointed the photographers. On the following night, some decided to stay in the area or returned to the place in the desert where everything happened and some UFO films were taken.

We must also attach great importance to the experiences of Mr. Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens, a very humble man from Bolivia who, in 1977, became an important contact for what was called the Rahma Mission. The vibratory influence of the letter H represents humanity and, although this name is a little different, the name differs slightly, the source is the same. In 1977 Mr. Mostajo became a first class contact and his experiences have been as extensive and intensive as Sixto Paz. In 1990, Mr. Mostajo invited a reporter from the Tass Agency, who captured on VHS video the flight of a UFO in the form of a saucer.

I propose that the information of Mission Rama with respect to the history of the world and our place in the cosmic scheme of things should be compared with corresponding information from other contact people. In the field of UFOs, there seems to be a lack of serious comparative studies: In what ways did the messages received by Mr. Edward "Billy" Meier compare with those received by Sixto Paz, George Adamski, Tuella, Eugenio Siragusa, and so on? many other contactees? Can we fill a gap between the investigations that speak of abductions and those that the contactees talk about? Since each source of information is most likely, contaminated by many distortions, prejudices, predispositions and no source of information can produce a complete picture, I propose that we carefully analyze different sources to see what we can fit into a coherent picture.

With regard to reports of abductions committed by the "grays", I am not informed of how Misión Rama sheds light on this matter. Sixto Paz denied these reports, thinking that they were fabricated to scare people and keep away the possibility of establishing contact with a benevolent Confederation. There is reason to believe that some individuals, who have given a lot of effort to introduce contacts of a positive nature, and in a positive way, feel uncomfortable with ideas of presenting aliens as invaders. Sixto Paz, however, mentioned that there were some negative extraterrestrials that can from time to time pass the defenses established by the Confederation to isolate our planet from undue interference. He also mentioned that in some isolated cases, biological monitoring of humans on Earth was being conducted to help us in these times of transition.

To finish this article, I must say that perhaps the most unique characteristic of the Mission Rama experience has been its nature of the participation of thousands of individuals who have had the opportunity to contact extraterrestrial intelligence at different levels. The fact that the nature and purpose of these contacts have been good and positive gives a message of hope to our future. Through Mission Rama and other contact experiences of a positive nature we may come to understand that we need to transcend the animal nature and self-centered level of consciousness and, in due time, become conscious participants of a larger cosmic community.

The emblem of the Rama Mission.


The six-pointed star represents the balance and the Great White Brotherhood of the star. The Cross represents movement, irradiation and spiritual victory. The trident synthesizes the mental, spiritual and material aspects of the evolved man. The number 4 symbolizes Jupiter and also Morlen, the close base of the Confederation. The number 8 symbolizes a return to origins through meditation and reflection.

Star Rama

Group Note RAMA: This 6-pointed star originated from the extra-terrestrial brothers. The Jews, like many other human groups, had contact with the extra-terrestrials and copied the symbol they saw on some of the spacecraft.

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