Light, which serves as a vehicle to the energy that is released from the Manasic Sun or Central Sun of the Galaxies, makes its entrance into our atmosphere at the beginning of each Era, that is, every 2,100 years, and now it occurs precisely because of the change of Era. The radiation is highly harmful for the human being that is not prepared to capture it, for what an adequate feeding is recommended (preferably vegetarian), to keep the body clean of impurities and toxins, as well as of stimulants; It also requires disciplining the body with psychophysical order, meditation and preparation of the mind and spirit oriented to God and love of our fellow human beings.

The Violet Light is harnessed and catalysed through the Cesium Crystals that the Guides give us. The concentration of this light tends to be located in the Pharyngeal Plexus (Chakra Vicchuda, as the Orientalists call it), enabling the Rama to use the Sound (vocalizations) and the power of the Word.