Communication November 17 2012


Mount Madonna, California, US


We remain the light that radiates your hearts through the Universal Mind, (divine light) nodding what you call the eternal present, since when we have told you from the conscious opening we radiate the fundamental project of all existence, indicating reality  of nature sending everything done in unison opening the responsibility of many in the process as has been indicated, in a good way go looking for the link of integration of each of you to strengthen the neutral quality of such process.  Count on it and do not dismay, given the evolutionary circumstances we will support this work, maintaining the homogeneity we will direct the evolutionary step of consciousness on its majority mostly unleashing the evolutionary force of primary development and the common force until you are qualified in said process.  Let's keep moving forward within your understanding, there are no limits, everything is evolution, tomorrow we will say how we will reach the goal to continue within your work, it is essential to continue with it;  No, do not dismay hurry the pace according to the circumstances, it is haste.


 With tomorrow aware of your conscious being we'll go radiating specifically.




Monte Madonna, California, US

November 17 2012


 The experience you have lived takes you on the path of growth in open maturity and responsible for the events on your beloved planet, the connections that are activated take you every day a step further within the connections that are pending, the direction of common well-being should continue directed through the message without interruption, it is time to react, the experience of the contact will continue to be transmitted and sharing the work to be done together for the collective experience that will lead you to maturity.


The balance emerges as a new day in the collective state on your planet, continue to make the mental links in your work, the joy of the hearts exchanges the frequency of the network on your planet with the common frequencies of your purposes.  Receive the support of the common work.