Shasta, California, USA

August 11, 2001

You can and should do what you are asked.  There is much hope but also the reward.  It is to love work because it is possible to visualize and obtain what is requested or suggested to achieve.

And it is the tender love for the brothers, all men are in tune with the supreme Love, material love is temporary and so also the love for others must always be supported by a daily work, reward is the work that is given to help maintain the material, mental and physical balances that unite us and that at the same time separate us for the moment.

You will have to work towards the golden light of the center of the Universe.  This light is manifesting towards the corners of the earth and your duty is to channel it to the younger brothers.

Today's job is to unite the doors of the mental, physical and spiritual universes.  It is necessary to work towards the unison of the goals that have been already previously proposed to follow.  You must love your neighbors and be honest with your spirits.  You must love the younger brothers.  This is the primary work, and that is what your ascension to the next level depends on.

Everything is connected by the light of the Cosmos.  You have and must always act now.  Have your ears ready by 3 o'clock. You must rely on your own individual opening channels.  Keep in mind that everything is a plan directed towards the ascension of your planet and of you.  You have to follow your feelings and don't let the laziness shrink them.

You have to go on outings more often.  The open area illuminates and welcomes you for your daily work.  Keep in mind that this is not new but the same lessons that have already been given.

Keep practicing individual love for the Cosmos.  Departure at 15. Do not be afraid to take accounts of the task to be given.  We are directing you to open more.  It is up to you to keep opening the way.  Take strength in the power of the Brotherhood and will thus have the power to continue walking in your individual and group path.

Love towards nature that we always support.

Joaquin and Olmec