Shasta, California, US

February 20, 1999


The food and the conscious link of thoughts increase the conscious state of the positive mental community on your beloved planet, the very expression of nature carries the same order that you provoke in these moments on your planet.

Keep feeding the greatness of your thoughts, illuminate the passage of humanity, because the birth of its own sun is about to be generated on your planet disappearing the darkness of thought that sunk in the dark could have been found, that is why we insist  in the prompt globalization and activation of your positive mental community, consciously and completely with direction.

Isolate any possibility of uncertainty from your lives because the moment is precise and necessary for all of you do not fear the events that you have to face because remember that you will never face them without the sufficient capacity to face them, feel the security and support that it gives you at all times because the conditions are quite fertile to be able to achieve it, the accumulation of activities of the walkers will have to be sufficient for their support because the massive intervention is manifested in the different places of your planet, the guiding understanding of the planet it is globalizing through the common mental of your planet, a situation achieved and activated by all of you, continue to support your positive mental community and continue the leading path of the planet through it.

Separate the ideals from the fantasies because your reality is in your hands conclude because the beginning of a new and true era because only the work through effort and sacrifice can see it concluded causing total well-being on your planet, leaving new generations with  a new dawn and ready to face new challenges within the great cosmic reality that only the cultivation of consciousness achieves.

The moment is precise and the conditions also feel the call of your internal selves, the meeting is scheduled, the conditions also, the conscious dialogue and the tool are necessary, also the endowment of your resources has arrived.  Come to take them because the path awaits, the one will work on the one, we wait for you, the call will come, we wait for unity, reaching are the new pillars of your humanity, your words are wise and the responsibilities also conscious, representation of unity will be present by concluding the great entrusted group, it is in your hands the decision to take it in your hearts.

May the light of the Cosmic Consciousness illuminate you with love and resolution to your works.

Your brothers at work,