San Carlos, CA, US

January 16, 1999


The faithful reproduction of the corresponding thoughts, will come to shape the reality of your planet, looking towards the future, the understanding of the thoughts in balance will give the total of this great planetary transformation where each of you must contribute the best of itself to be able to do it, achieve, expand the mental waves of irradiation on your planet and increase the performance of the human chain that is being achieved on the entire planet, it is time for planetary universalization among all of you, the future of transformation is not distant, the distance of  the thoughts determines the transformation, the union of the thoughts will determine this great affinity of the universal polarity in your planet, the tuning every day is more exact, to be able to achieve the missionaries and the missions are advancing, giving unity and transformation in their path,  the whole reigns through thoughts and you live through them, refine the direction of your thoughts and you will realize that the progress is perfect and constant for all of you, the principle is the same and the transformation as well.


It is the moment of total awakening, live the greatness of creation and allow the expansion of the universal kingdom in your lives, allow the fluid idea to flood your world through your thoughts, the common force of thoughts will give the order of transformation  in a balanced way and in perfect direction, they are at the moment of finding the beginning and the beginning will give you the clarity of your end.


You live through the greatness of power and you cannot see it, feel how the greatness of the creator flows in and with you, live your creator, it is time to do it and this will lead you to the answer of your prayer  and the purpose of direction in the cosmos.  Consciousness should continue to grow and expand throughout your planet and that the torch of universal thoughts project the action in your lives, that your brothers in mission will always be supporting you with expectation to your work.