December 19, 1998

Shasta, CA USA


The light that is given only needs that you put them to use, you have been told that the light comes from high but it is not so, the light comes from the inner being of you since it is connected with the most sublime.

This is what inner work is all about, getting your inner light out so that developed it can give light to others who need it more but without losing sight of that it is to share and not to develop egos.

You have to know how to look for the inner light at all times, especially when something distresses you, but do not expect that to happen since it can bring you unexpected changes of consciousness as when you are not in tune with your interior self.

Love nature that is always in tune, love your neighbour who you have to share your search and love God above all that is the love and strength that moves everything.

Love one another as I have loved you my children, the light is everywhere waiting to be discovered by you Earth brothers.

Be concise in your search, have confidence in what you find along the way, I have loved you and will continue to support your work now.

You have to synthesize the search / work is like this, you cannot reach leaps and bounds without advancing first small.

Love your neighbour that there is the key to your unique development in the world but it is not simple.  You have to work on the key of Enoch.  Love each other as I have always loved you.  It is time to awaken collective consciousness but first you have to wake up individually.

Have faith and love, love everything and everyone.  The Parents / Elders wait for you in the usual way.  Keep in mind that the step is simple but not hard to follow but to choose.

Love one another as I have loved you and you will see your person change for good and you will have the keys you seek.

Keep in mind that this was not always the case, there were times when man did and undid many things, but without conscience.  Now the step is with consciousness of fourth.

Love is the key and you the workers of now and of yesteryear.

Love your neighbour and you will see the changes more often.

Keep in mind that this was not always the case, there were times when humanity was helped by the hand but now it is time for you to walk on your own in this leaps and bounds of collective awakening.

Love without ceasing, Love is the key of always.  Love.

I love you

Jesus.  Joaquin.  Antar.


Do not forget the children in your daily lives, the future depends on them too, have love and patience with them and teach by example of life.

With love.



Today it is up to you to work with blue energies for the awakening of the general cosmic consciousness.

Keep in mind that the awakening is already here, and you have to do a lot of work at night time you will see the presence of ships that will help support you but the support is always even if you don't see ships.

Love, read with love what you are given.

Joaquin and Antar.

54 is the key to the way forward