Shasta, December 19, 1998


The opening to the entrance is given, getting in will give more confidence to all of you, most of the guidelines that have been given have been fulfilled the time is fair and your work too.  Expand the application of internal knowledge in all of you, the structures marked by the different peoples of your planet will look completely different.

The needs have reached your governments and time too, the fluidity of events one after another.

The strength of your planet is in conjunction with time just waiting for you, hasten the passage of the stones where will lay the foundations of the expansion of consciousness on your planet, as never before all have defined themselves consciously to your work on the whole planet.

The Pleiades will bear witness and evaluation of your work be expecting, the representation should be ready for next year, increase the strength in your hearts, give hope, and shine for those who wake up continue to encourage them because your brothers are considering that the justice of God  has come to you.

The upper spheres are joyful when contemplate the human growth and each one of you continues to assume his role.  The present clarifies your doubts, all means are given to you just in the moment they are needed, we do not demand what you really cannot give, we take what you give with sacrifice to this great transformation, everything is provided, the direction is  unique and the purpose also, do not faint along the way, the force is within each one of you, the temper is given by the sacrifice, because the sacrifice represents ground gold on the universal scale, that is why we ask for your best currency for this  great transformation, they do not work individually, remember that in this machinery many human beings are involved and everyone has to go in perfect harmony, do not despair that at times some go behind and others ahead, but finally you have taken this great  responsibility for human transformation and again and again we ask for your patience, because everything walks in unison and we remind you to believe it your heart or not believe it, everything is provided for each of you, walk  nothing extra you will need, the promise of the path is given, the work continues, you just need to reach the goal.

May the Strength of Cosmic Consciousness reign in your thoughts.

With love,