Shasta, California, USA

August 28, 1998


We are already here ready for today's task.  Now it is your turn more than ever to love the people of earth at all times, because that way you can understand more and be able to help as many as possible.

Love each other as this will open dimensional doors of love that can make our presence feel at all levels including the physical.

Love yourself incessantly so that your bitterness will be praised worthless and you will have more to work with.  Love each other and you will see your wishes fulfilled, those of yesterday as of today.

Love yourself incessantly that what you have to receive you have already received in the astral.  It is your duty to continue the work that others have started long ago.

Be hard at work since without giving everything you lose after a start.  Love yourselves since you have a task to do and they open easily with love.

Love is from everyone and for everyone.  Love justice, duty and above all you.

You have to work together to support children as they are the new humanity that will help you take steps more often.

Have faith that everything will be given as planned.

With love,