Fremont, California, USA

August 7, 1998

We are here willing to work hard with you, that's the job, to do without expecting anything in return.  Love each other that changes are coming.

Love without ceasing and you will see your wishes fulfilled.  Love at dusk and you will see your desires fulfilled on the morning of the new dawn of this new humanity that hopes incessantly that what you bring will shine to help magnify consciences.

Love one another and you will see that the hearts of those who have been closed will open everywhere.

Love each other and you will see that the dawn of those who have waited to accomplish the work will be nothing more than a whisper in the waiting time that forgot those who did not work for the change now and always like this.

Love one another and you will see that the torches of the dawn evaporate and thus give rise to a new strength of thoughts that will further help define you in the constant struggle of the negative forces against the positive ones on Earth, your home and  like this.

Hold each other's hands and pray singing so that your efforts will be accomplished now.

Love one another and you will see that Mother Nature will open the doors to her favorite children for the change to be given.

Love one another and you will see that the forces of destiny will hasten to keep you more united so that you can do your work together in which to make this important change.

Unidos en el  Contacto will continue but with some changes due to the electronics media that you should use to the fullest to be able to bring the light to all the entities of the Earth that your love needs.

Love yourself endlessly that the light of change radiates in the face of the universe.  Love each other incessantly that this is what will help you to open dimensional doors so that we can come down to help you more closely and thus also be able to fulfill our work as brothers in this change of dimensional sphere.

Have faith

Oxalc, Olmex and Titinac


 Your brothers.