San Carlos, CA, USA

July 11, 1998 

You are here ready as always, the duty of being located in a place is not that of working in the place but at every level and in any part of the universe.

Wherever you are, you must support the work that is being done throughout the world by other brothers that you do not even know.

Now you must work in the Paititi to open the communication doors to be able to be at the forefront of the events to come.

You are in a special place in time.  Hopefully you give your best.

You have already had contact with us and all of you should now give more work for others who need your help at all times. 

It is noteworthy that these are not your energies but come from much higher than you. You should be in a hurry on your path since the experiences are being given slowly but you are ready for many more.

Now you must work in the Paititi / outdoor field so that the toxins of the body are cleaned with seawater and air to make a physical change.

You must take fasting every morning when you get up so that you can purify your bodies.  So you should pray / pray more often to purify your minds.

So you should also pray / meditate to move forward on the path of understanding since you need to understand more of who you are.  You should also do more diets that will help you in your daily tasks.

Keep in mind that personal work is just one more proof of what you have to do and you have to do more diet to clean your bodies.  Fast more often as it will help you awakening you on your path. 

Remember that we also go through the tests that you are going through but something different in synchronisation.  On this depends what is going to be given.  Love each other that this is the key to humanity.

Have faith in you as we have it in you. 

With love,



Keep in mind that the keys have been given, look inside and you'll find what you need.

Have faith in yourselves that more often we will give proof of our presence in your homes, work and recreation.

We are always waiting for you to wake up, now is the time, don't waste any more time.

Love each other.



Have faith that the brothers of the Golden People (Interior Government of Earth) are supporting you.  Paititi is the expected key and Shasta the conclusion of the opening of you / American people (People of the American continent).

You will understand what you have inside / in front of you. Keep working together that this is the collective work of love.  Be happy to know that you are not alone.

With love,



With love we wait for you on 29-30.  Outing is for all who wish to come.  Support them physically and mentally that many brothers will need it.  Love each other.

With love,