Communication: 20.03.98

Place: Quinteros, Chile.

Yes, we are your brothers Guides in Mission, supporting the deployment and effort made.  We sincerely hope that this encounter will mean a true personal and collective commitment.

What we see in your auras is promising, so we expect you to continue with constancy.  We are also supporting in their outings the groups in Peru and Spain, where everyone will access what is reserved for them in order to comply with the Plan.

The advance is simultaneous and this makes us happy because the moment demands it.

Chile lives very delicate moments, which require all of you, energy links for internal peace, because the mission and role of this country is great, and the dark forces will take advantage of any situation to neutralize future projections.  But do not worry, work rather on raising the vibration and each test, almost immediately, will take the corresponding positive turn, although scares will not be missing.

The Mission in Chile will receive impulses as never before had been achieved, and this is because the conditions are met and you are making it possible.  There is not only enthusiasm but joy and youth, which is remarkable.

The sightings in the country will multiply so you will be continually named and summoned.  In addition, world events throughout this year will require you to give your voice of encouragement and hope, as well as illuminating the reigning darkness.

With respect to Argentina, we would ask you to work first with groups and with the reception of messages, with the corresponding prior analysis of them;  Because it is very important that you do not lose your analytical spirit.  That is why we invite you to make a first group meeting at the integration level, not so much for the contact, although remember that according to your work anything can be given and happen.  This would be for November in Córdoba, at the foot of Uritorco;  but behind the city, in a remote area.  And based on this first experience, they will then summon the most committed of the groups for a physical contact in August 1999 in the area of ​​Bariloche, in a place and day that we will communicate to your antennas.  Meanwhile, unite by spreading the message with actions and with the lessons received, making everyone aware of the importance of the current moment.

Tell the brothers of Uruguay that in Paysandú they will soon have the experience with the real time of the universe, and there will be Xendras with physical contacts.  Prepare for it.  Also return to the San Ramón area for outings during the year, there you will also see us.

Work the group unit clarifying concepts, and guide your effort to understand your personal as well as collective mission, which is to be an example of love and dedication.

Argentina has to learn to feel more and speak with the message of the heart, that's why here are all those who should come from there.

The brothers of Puerto Rico are responsible for tremendous missionary work because on the island there are places that open and close dimensional doors that allow disastrous manifestations of hidden and satanic power.  You must counteract this with the discovery and development of all your potential.

Puerto Rico will set many guidelines for humanity in the future, and from there many concepts will be clarified, opening the eyes of the world.  For no reason belittle your ability, rather let yourself be guided.

The year 98 will be marked by the feminine, by intuition and spirituality.  Complementary and necessary concepts that will clarify the present and future horizon will be received throughout the year.

In the months of May, June and July, the Mission will have unique opportunities to reach the world like never before with its current and hopeful message, which will open many doors, minds and hearts.  There will be multiple outings everywhere that will be supported by us so that we maintain a close relationship for the benefit of the Plan.

In relation to the Outing in Chile, within an hour all those who will receive Crystals will cross to the opposite side of the camp.  There they will work and prepare for this initiation, but we already warn you that not everyone will receive them.  Be aware of the commitment this entails.

For tomorrow you will carry out the same process at the same time, but only those that we will designate during the day will cross;  the others will stay on the side of the camp, supporting the experiences of others.  Collaborate without selfishness and detachment, that what happens will be for the benefit of all.

With love