Communication: 17.03.98

Quinteros, Chile. 

Yes Oxalc, with love in the Mission.

1. Question: Can you recommend a place and dates for a future meeting in Argentina?

 For the month of August 1999 and the beginning of September, we await the groups of Argentina in a meeting that will mark the Mission on those lands.  But they should direct their efforts to do it in the Bariloche area.

 This departure will last three days and must integrate all the groups in the country, being able to attend a few selected guests from among the most committed from nearby countries.  The purpose will be to seal the contact with you, so that more and more experiences with us are increased.

 2. Question: Can you give us guidelines on the dates of departures for contact with Intraterrestrials?

 Each date has its reason to be as part of the activating keys that are being provided to you.  But the fact that there are changes in the dates of the trips is usually a sign to which you must be attentive, because nothing that is requested or recommended is an arbitrariness.  Rather, everything is due to a preconceived plan that you will gradually understand, and in which you are needed not only to be aware of events but also above all be willing.  Know how to read the events in relation to postponements or modifications because they can be warnings of the spiritual forces that are also involved.

 Regarding to the next outing and outing, we will tell you that on Friday few will receive Cesium Crystals, while on Saturday a few (no more than four) will also pass a Xendra;  but all this will be if they prepare and strengthen themselves.

 The purpose of the current moment and your encounter should be to consolidate the groups and the commitment of the members of them.  Therefore do not miss this opportunity to deepen concepts.  Meet in small groups working on large projects, as if the entire Mission was dependent in your work and depending on your accords and contributions.

 3. Question: Can you tell us something about the places that should be activated and connected this year.

 On the places that you ask us to do activations we will tell you that each country will be revealed in the messages of where and when, and with whom to do jobs that allow the planet's vortices to be awakened further, so that depending on their locations these centers tuned to the best, can collaborate with the acceleration of the  planetary change and help purify the planetary aura.

 The months of May, June, July, August and especially September will mark milestones in the Mission that will illustrate you with respect to the present stage where everything becomes more than symbolic.  

 Everything acquires a dimension never before exposed in the process of your labor.  Pay attention.

 4. Question: What can you tell us about key 333 for this moment?

 It is a key of preparation to take the love to the interior of the groups and to your countries.  It marks the moment of a missionary revival in which they are reminded of the essence of the message conveyed by extraterrestrial guides on behalf of the Confederation.

 5. Question: What can you tell us about the next outings?

 There is a golden rule that lately you have been neglecting regarding your outings.  The first thing is that the outings should not be made by obligation but by love.  Yes, love to the message, to the commitment and what you do, because every outing is an experience of growth, beyond the events that may be amazing to some, which only constitutes the anecdotal part.  In addition, every outing requires prior preparation, an adequate attitude and that your minds are with us on the place, but it is you who move away of the possibility of something transcendental. Therefore, it is not convenient for you to carry out what you have programmed when you are under pressure, or tired, sad or discouraged, because all this moves you away from the necessary vibrational state and level.

 Keep working on your sensitiveness, both in receiving communications and in group work, and especially when you are in an outing.

 With love