Unidos en el contacto

Dedicated to share the truth about the spirituality connected with UFO activity in the world. Group originated in Peru in 1974. Pages include scheduled sightings with extra-terrestrials that were filmed, personal contact, telepathic communications and group's experiences.

Some people in California, with the purpose of approach a world integration, to fill the void that was originated upon breaking, on purpose, the institutional structures of the Rama Mission, decided to follow the same principles when the Mission started by sharing the information free of charge.

It’s easy to lit a fire, but it’s at the same time difficult to maintain a flame, a light in the darkness of the difficult moments that will give us warmth in the middle of the misunderstanding and the discouragement, will there be the vision of our Spirits the ones that generate "Light in the darkness".

The contact with our elder brothers has always continued, therefore it is needed to share at a world level, all the information of experiences, communications, events, and thus to have a global and total vision of what our elder brothers are sharing with all in the world.


Group's description

The UFO contact started with a small group of people having physical contact with extraterrestrials in one of Peru's deserts in 1974, the group became known as the Rama Mission and later as Mission Human Race or Mission Humanity. The extraterrestrial contact was confirmed with invitations to the world press for scheduled sightings in different opportunities. The contact continues.. The group is a non-sectarian, not a cult or sect, non-political, and non-commercial. It's a spiritual group sharing its experiences to everyone on earth, and to give an answer as a citizen of our planet. 

Beginning of the Mission


the Cosmic Plan

Here is another important contact experience almost unknown in the U.S. It originated in Peru in 1974 when a group of young men began an amazing series of contacts with beings from "Morlen" (the satellite of Jupiter, known as Ganymede).

Forty-nine extraterrestrial guides were assigned to work in "Mission Rama" under the coordination of Oxalc, from Morlen, The word RAMA contains a vibratory activator and was chosen 4,200 years ago. RA represents the Sun or irradiation and MA represents Mother Earth. The mantra Rama means Irradiating Light on Earth.

Mission Rama is one of the many secondary missions of a cosmic hierarchy designed to help planets in transition such as Earth (Merla), which is supposed to enter the fourth dimensional mode of existence.

World Press Invitations

RAMA has invited the world press for scheduled sightings where films and photographs have been taken. In one of them, in 1989, reporters from different countries were invited one month in advanced to witness a scheduled sighting in one of Peru's deserts.

Films and Pictures

UFO films and pictures taken by RAMA members in a RAMA outings (last updated April 27, 2000) 


Evolution Path to Infinity

Taken from the Masters, under the orientation of the extra-terrestrial guides. Helps to develop the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

With the light exposed here, you will be able to illuminate your path, according to your understanding and capacity of realization. And then, you will irradiate more light and your vestments will become whiter with luminosity depending of your advance in your path. And the light of your souls will become one with the infinite source of light, so that will never be out. And then your vibration will be trembling in the universe, and a drop of your essence in the ocean of eternity. And it will be forever that this drop of essence growing from its small greatness, until it also becomes an infinite ocean of life.


We will be offering again the free online Meditation course with the 24 Practices used in the Rama groups in the world, sending you one practice each week.

We know that it is not the same as to have a guide in person guiding you, but many have found these practices very useful. Many experiences that occur in a group will occur also where you are depending on your progress and the extraterrestrial brothers.

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